Vol. 8 No. 2 (2005): 'print'

Edited by Glen Thomas and Jaz Choi
Published: 2005-06-01


  • Print

    Glen Thomas, Jaz Choi


  • Information-Age Guerrillas The Communication Strategies of the Zapatistas

    Bethaney Turner


  • Intimate Technology? Literature, Reading and the Argumentation Defending Book and Print

    Juri Joensuu
  • Reflections on Adobe Corporation, Bill Viola, and Peter Ramus while Printing Lecture Notes

    Steven Maras
  • E-Press and Oppress Audio Visual Print Drama, Identity, Text and Motion Picture Rebellion

    Robert Watson
  • Seal Culture Still Remains in Electronic Commerce History of Seal and Printing Cultures

    Vicky Liu
  • Copyright, Print and Authorship in the Culture Industry From Hogarth to File-Sharing

    Dougal Phillips, Oliver Watts
  • Nevermoreprint

    Scott A. Lukas
  • Dimensions of Print

    Phillip Roe