Vol. 22 No. 5 (2019): prosthetics

Edited by Crisia Constantine and Hae Seong Jang
Published: 2019-10-09
Cover imageImage: 'the hardest part is behind me', by Natasha Narain zoomView cover


  • Prosthetics

    Crisia Constantine


  • Branding: A Prosthesis of Identity

    Pamela Mei-Leng See


  • Prosthetic Memories in The Sopranos

    Alexander Hudson Beare
  • Cinema as Prosthesis: Errol Morris’s Use of the Interrotron in Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

    Sharon Jane Mee
  • The Prosthetic Impulse Revisited in A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    Maria Alberto
  • Prosthetic Soul Mates: Sex Robots as Media for Companionship

    Fiona Andreallo, Chris Chesher
  • The Shape of Air: American Sign Language as Narrative Prosthesis in 21st Century North American Media

    Pamela J Kincheloe
  • Self-Tracking Technology as an Extension of Man

    Lekhaa A Nair
  • Articulating Alternatives: Moving Past a Plug-and-Play Prosthetic Media Model

    Lauren Cruikshank
  • Prosthetics and the Chronically Ill Body: Living with Type 1 Diabetes and an Insulin Pump

    Elaine M Laforteza
  • The Stuplime Loops of Becoming-Slug: A Prosthetic Intervention in Orientalist Animality

    Ali Na