Vol. 21 No. 3 (2018): protest

Edited by Scott East and Ben Hightower
Published: 2018-08-15
Cover imageImage by Molly Adams / Flickr (CC-BY 2.0), adapted from original


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  • Protest in Progress/Progress in Protest

    Ben Hightower, Scott East


  • Floris White Bull Responds to the Editors on Protest and the Film AWAKE: A Dream from Standing Rock

    Floris White Bull


  • Throwing Our Weight Around: Fat Girls, Protest, and Civil Unrest

    Cat Pausé, Sandra Grey
  • Sites of Protest: Rethinking Everyday Spaces as Sites for Protesting the Marginalisation of Difference

    Greg Watson
  • Design Microprotests

    Ella Rebecca Barrowclough Cutler, Jacqueline Gothe, Alexandra Crosby
  • Data Publics: Urban Protest, Analytics and the Courts

    Anthony McCosker, Timothy Graham
  • Data Desire in the Anthropocene

    Marcelina Piotrowski
  • Fighting for the Internet: Online Blackout Protests and Internet Legislation in the United States, 1996-2018

    Nadine Irène Kozak
  • Post-Truth Protest: How 4chan Cooked Up the Pizzagate Bullshit

    Marc Tuters, Emilija Jokubauskaitė, Daniel Bach
  • Our Cows and Whales

    Colin Salter