Vol. 11 No. 4 (2008): publish

Edited by Peta Mitchell and David Marshall
Published: 2008-08-27
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  • M/C @ X

    Axel Bruns
  • Publish

    David Marshall, Peta Mitchell


  • Beyond the Flickering Screen: Re-situating e-books

    Sherman Young


  • Ghosts in Machines and a Snapshot of Scholarly Journal Publishing in Canada

    Johanne Provençal
  • Publish and Graduate?: Earning a PhD by Published Papers in Australia

    Bruno Starrs
  • Publish and Flourish, or Perish: RAE, ERA, RQF, and Other Acronyms for Infinite Human Resourcefulness

    Guy Redden
  • The Politics of Open-Access Publishing: M/C Journal, Public Intellectualism, and Academic Discourses of Legitimacy

    Peta Mitchell
  • Andrew Keen Vs the Emos: Youth, Publishing, and Transliteracy

    Ianto Ware
  • Mythbusting Publishing: Questioning the ‘Runaway Popularity’ of Published Biography and Other Life Writing

    Susan Currie, Donna Lee Brien
  • Present and Active: Digital Publishing in a Post-print Age

    Kerry Margaret Mallan, Annette Patterson