Vol. 22 No. 1 (2019): rage

Edited by Denise N. Rall and Jo Coghlan
Published: 2019-03-13
Cover imagePhoto: “One Way Out” by Ryan Oswick, from unsplash.com zoomView cover


  • Rage – beyond the Point of Boiling Over

    Denise N. Rall


  • Women in Australian Politics: Maintaining the Rage against the Political Machine

    Angelika Heurich


  • Dissent Dressing: The Colour and Fabric of Political Rage

    Jo Coghlan
  • Addressing Rage: The Fast Fashion Revolt

    Lisa J. Hackett
  • Of 'Rage of Party' and the Coming of Civility

    Greg Melleuish
  • Introducing ‘Intimate Civility’: Towards a New Concept for 21st-Century Relationships

    Elizabeth Reid Boyd, Madalena Grobbelaar, Eyal Gringart, Alise Bender, Rose Williams
  • War, Snipers, and Rage from Enemy at the Gates to American Sniper

    Richard Gehrmann
  • Acting Out: "Cage Rage" and the Morning After

    Sasa Miletic
  • “Weird Melancholy” and the Modern Television Outback: Rage, Shame, and Violence in Wake in Fright and Mystery Road

    Jessica Gildersleeve
  • Monsters in the Attic: Women’s Rage and the Gothic

    Katharine Hawkins