Vol. 18 No. 6 (2015): re-imagine

Edited by Rachel Franks, Simon Dwyer, and Denise N. Rall
Published: 2016-03-07
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  • Re-imagine

    Rachel Franks, Simon Dwyer, Denise N. Rall


  • “They’re creepy and they’re kooky” and They’re Copyrighted: How Copyright Is Used to Dampen the (Re-)Imagination

    Steve Collins


  • The Re-imagining Inherent in Crime Fiction Translation

    Alistair Rolls
  • Re-imagining the Noir Femme Fatale on the Renaissance Stage

    Amy Brooke Antonio
  • Re-imagining the Literary Brand

    Leonie Margaret Rutherford
  • Re-imagining Horror in Children's Animated Film

    Erin Hawley
  • Re-imagining Television Audience Research: Tracing Viewing Patterns on Twitter

    Karin van Es, Daniela van Geenen, Thomas Boeschoten
  • Re-imagining the Empire of Japan through Japanese Schoolboy Uniforms

    Emerald L. King, Denise N. Rall
  • What If? Re-imagined Scenarios and the Re-Virtualisation of History

    Meg Stalcup
  • Where Fanny Balbuk Walked: Re-imagining Perth’s Wetlands

    John C. Ryan, Danielle Brady, Christopher Kueh
  • A True Crime Tale: Re-imagining Governor Arthur’s Proclamation to the Aborigines

    Rachel Franks
  • Listenin’ Up: Re-imagining Ourselves through Stories of and from Country

    Brooke Collins-Gearing, Vivien Cadungog, Sophie Camilleri, Erin Comensoli, Elissa Duncan, Leitesha Green, Adam Phillips, Rebecca Stone