Vol. 16 No. 4 (2013): remix

Edited by Andrew Whelan and Katharina Freund
Published: 2013-08-21
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  • Remix: Practice, Context, Culture

    Andrew Whelan, Katharina Freund


  • Remixing the Remix: Fannish Appropriation and the Limits of Unauthorised Use

    Kristina Busse, Shannon Farley


  • Double Quote Unquote: Scholarly Attribution as (a) Speculative Play in the Remix Academy

    Ruth Walker
  • Locating Anti-Fandom in Extratextual Mash-Ups

    Bertha Chin
  • Slash Manips: Remixing Popular Media with Gay Pornography

    Joseph Brennan
  • “Taking This from This and That from That”: Examining RZA and Quentin Tarantino’s Use of Pastiche

    Phillip Lamarr Cuningham, Melinda Lewis
  • Reading the Remix: Methods for Researching and Analysing the Interactive Textuality of Remix

    Rob Cover
  • Disciplining the Vernacular: Fair Use, YouTube, and Remixer Agency

    Olivia Conti
  • Musical Chameleons: Fluency and Flexibility in Online Remix Contests

    Maarten Michielse
  • The Cultural Impact of Institutional Remix: The Formalisation of Textual Reappropriation within the ABC

    Jonathon Hutchinson
  • Drawing the Line: Chinese Calligraphy, Cultural Materialisms and the "Remixing of Remix"

    Patrick Leslie West, Cher Coad
  • Cool Beats and Timely Accents

    Darren Tofts, Lisa Gye