Vol. 23 No. 4 (2020): revelation

Edited by Grady Hancock and Kate Murray
Published: 2020-08-12
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  • Revelation

    Grady Clare Hancock, Kate Murray


  • Becoming and Individuation on the Encounter between Technical Apparatus and Natural System

    Renzo Filinich, Tamara Jesus Chibey


  • A Biometric Logic of Revelation: Zach Blas’s SANCTUM (2018)

    C.L. Quinan, Hannah Pezzack
  • Revealing Revelation: Hans Haacke’s “All Connected”

    Wes Hill
  • Gendered Violence as Revelation in John le Carré’s The Night Manager

    Emma Jane Brosnan McNicol
  • ‘Everyone Has Secrets’: Revealing the Whistleblower in Hollwood Film in the Examples of Snowden and The Fifth Estate

    Sasa Miletic
  • Uncovering a Climate Catastrophe? Media Coverage of Australia’s Black Summer Bushfires and the Revelatory Extent of the Climate Blame Frame

    Gabi Mocatta, Erin Hawley
  • Situating Race in Cultural Competency Training: A Site of Self-Revelation

    Bronwyn Fredericks, Debbie Bargallie
  • Revealing and Revelling in the Floods on Country: Memory Poles within Toonooba

    Bronwyn Fredericks, Abraham Bradfield