Vol. 5 No. 5 (2002): Self

Edited by Felicity Meakins and Kate Douglas
Published: 2002-10-01


  • Self

    Felicity Meakins, Kate Douglas


  • Saving Us From Them The Discourse of Exclusion

    Michael Clyne


  • Modernity and the Self Explorations of the (Non-) Self-determining Subject in South Korean TV Dramas

    Angel M. Y.Lin
  • The Perpetually Sick Self The Cultural Promotion and Self-Management of Mood Illness

    Paula Gardner
  • 'Self' and the Problem of Consciousness

    Derek Wallace
  • Who is Being Helped When We Help Our Self?

    Lelia Green
  • 'Mind the Gap' The Multi-Protagonist Film Genre, Soap

    Sandy Carmago
  • What is Real? Where Fact Ends and Fiction Begins

    Andie Miller
  • The Healthy vs the Empty Self Protective vs Paradoxical Behaviours

    Nadine Henley
  • Ambiguity The Reflexive Self and Alternatives

    Matthew Adams
  • Consumption and the Self-Concept The self-concept and consumption

    Simone Pettigrew
  • Performing the Self Post-script

    Deirdre Heddon
  • Choosing the Wasteland The Social Construction of Self as Viewer in the U.S.

    Mark Allen Peterson
  • Called to Self-care, or to Efface Self? Self-interest and Self-splitting in the Diagnostic Experience of Depression

    Kerry Kidd
  • Portrait of the Self Victorian Technologies of Identity Invention

    Gabrielle Dean
  • Conflicting Concepts of Self and The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

    Ianto Ware