Vol. 3 No. 3 (2000): Speed

Edited by Guy Redden and Sean Aylward Smith
Published: 2000-06-01


  • Speed

    Guy Redden, Sean Aylward Smith


  • 'The Ministers of Locomotion' Some Historical Speculations on Velocity Culture

    Esther Milne


  • Identities without a Reference Towards a Theory of Posthuman Identity

    Sadeq Rahimi
  • Book of the Undead Sunday, 26th December, 1999

    McKenzie Wark
  • Fleshing Out the Maelstrom Biopunk and the Violence of Information

    Paul Taylor
  • Racing Berlin The Games of Run Lola Run

    Claudia Mesch
  • Waiting for Instantaneity

    Maya Drozdz
  • Speed Speed, Modernity, and Post-Modernity

    Brian Ward
  • M/C Event: Directions for Cyberculture in the New Economy Geert Lovink, with Greg Hearn and David Marshall

    Geert Lovink, Greg Hearn, David Marshall
  • The Uncertainty Principle Paul Virilio's 'The Information Bomb'

    John Armitage
  • Cyberhate and Performative Speech in Accelerated Time(s)

    Kate Eichhorn
  • Arresting Fast Food

    Gwendolyn Stansbury