Vol. 12 No. 1 (2009): still

Edited by David Bissell and Gillian Fuller
Published: 2009-03-11
Cover imageImage: Helsinki-Moscow (Dining Car), by Elly Clarke zoomView cover


  • The Revenge of the Still

    David Bissell, Gillian Fuller


  • Remaining Still

    Paul Harrison
  • Be Still, Be Good, Be Cool: The Ambivalent Powers of Stillness in an Overactive World

    Andrew Murphie


  • Holding Still: The Private Life of an Air Raid

    Peter Adey
  • The 'Potential Mobilities' of Photography

    Debbie Lisle
  • Still: 'No Man's Land' or Never Suspend the Question

    John-David Dewsbury
  • Between Motion and Rest: Encountering Bodies in/on Display

    Sebastian Abrahamsson
  • From Passivity to Potentiality: The Communitas of Stillness

    Emma Cocker
  • Longing for Stillness: The Forced Movement of Asylum Seekers

    Nicholas Gill
  • The Great American Staycation and the Risk of Stillness

    Sarah Sharma
  • On the Arts of Stillness: For a Pedagogy of Composure

    Greg Noble, Megan Watkins
  • Anything Goes, Nothing Sticks: Radical Stillness and Archival Impulse

    Nour Dados
  • A Moment's Daydreaming

    Natalia Radywyl
  • Light-Air-Portals: Visual Notes on Differential Mobility

    Ross Harley