Vol. 14 No. 4 (2011): suburbia

Edited by Christy Collis, Angela Lin Huang, and Emma Felton
Published: 2011-08-25
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  • Suburbia

    Angela Lin Huang, Emma Felton, Christy Collis


  • Right to the City, Desire for the Suburb?

    Terry Flew


  • Eat, Swim, Pray

    Maree Pardy
  • Brisbane: Urban Construction, Suburban Dreaming

    Emma Felton
  • To Brunswick and Beyond: A Geography of Creative and Social Participation for Marginalised Youth

    Aneta Podkalicka
  • Leaving the City: Artist Villages in Beijing

    Angela Lin Huang
  • Reappraising the Role of Suburban Workplaces in Darwin’s Creative Economy

    Chris Brennan-Horley
  • Untold Tales of the Intra-Suburban Female

    Belinda Burns
  • Suburban Employment Trends: A Melbourne Case Study

    Alan Davies
  • Broadband in the Burbs: NBN Infrastructure, Spectrum Politics and the Digital Home

    Tom Apperley, Bjorn Nansen, Michael Arnold, Rowan Wilken