Vol. 7 No. 1 (2004): Text

Edited by Catriona Mills and Matt Soar
Published: 2004-01-01


  • Editorial

    Catriona Mills, Matt Soar


  • ‘Magic Bits of Paste-board’ Texting in the Nineteenth Century

    Esther Milne


  • Type/Face The Missing Face of Writing

    Sheryl Brahnam
  • Imagining Mary Dean Representing Another’s Life in Text

    Donna Lee Brien
  • Creating Text for Older Audiences Older audiences

    Simone Pettigrew
  • Reading in the Dark Michael Snow's So Is This

    Jane Simon
  • “Aren’t you cool, you can scribble illegibly on toilet walls” Some Reflections on Graffiti in the Academy

    Toby Ganley
  • ‘mobile text’ Mobile

    Gerard Goggin
  • The Stigmata or the Tattoo Eternity and the National Museum of Australia

    Jordan Williams
  • 'Show Me the Money!' The Ideological Evolution of Monetary Form

    Sergio Rizzo