Vol. 26 No. 6 (2023): thread

Edited by Christina Chau and Sky Croeser
Image: “A Fragment of Lace Made by Sky’s Great-Grandmother, Cleopatra, Lying Curled on a Woven Carpet” by Sky Croeser

Published: 2023-11-26


  • Weaving in the Threads

    Christina Chau, Sky Croeser


  • Ghost-Stitching American Politics @tinypricksproject and Memorialising Trump’s Words in Thread

    Caroline Veronica Wallace


  • Crafts in the Time of Coronavirus Pandemic Domestic Crafting in Finland on Instagram’s Covid-Related Craft Posts

    Anna Kouhia
  • The Use of Thread and Fabric in Feminist Zines

    Bianca Martin
  • Bias Cuts and Data Dumps Weaving a Relational Ethics into Performances and Practices of Trust

    Daniela Rosner
  • Spinning Circle at the Mill Connecting Craft, Graffiti, and Woollen Mill Heritage

    Janis Hanley
  • Knitting Ladies Online Joy and Community in Knitting Podcasts

    Marja Leena Rönkkö, Henna Lapinlampi, Virpi Yliverronen
  • The Threads That Weave Me

    Brooke Collins-Gearing
  • Stitchers of Instagram Cyberfeminism, Craftivism, Therapy, and Community through #Embroidery

    Ümit Kennedy