Vol. 26 No. 2 (2023): toys

Edited by Tama Leaver, Lelia Green, and Louise Kay
Image: "Toys at Play", by Tama Leaver

Published: 2023-04-25


  • It’s All about the Toys!

    Tama Leaver, Lelia Green, Louise Kay


  • Children’s Digital and Non-Digital Play Practices with Cozmo, the Toy Robot

    Louise Kay, Silke Brandsen, Carmen Jacques, Francesca Stocco, Lorenzo Giuseppe Zaffaroni


  • “My Little Influencer” A Toy Ringlight as Proxy to Media Practices and Technopanics

    Aleesha Rodriguez, Amanda Levido
  • “The Internet of Life Enhancing the Everyday through Children’s Use of Digital Devices

    Kelly Jaunzems, Carmen Jacques, Lelia Green, Silke Brandsen
  • Playing with Barbie Teaching Inclusivity and Diversity through Play in Indonesia

    Hersinta, Indrati Kurniana, Katie Ellis
  • Play Is a Child’s Work (on Instagram) A Case Study of the Use of Children as Paid Social Media Influencers to Market Toys

    Catherine Archer, Kate Delmo
  • The Future Is Furby Cute-Creepy Encounters with a Zoomorphic Robot

    Megan Catherine Rose
  • Toy, Vehicle, or Equipment? Parent and Children’s Constructions of the Bicycle in Childhood

    Erin Sharpe, Jocelyn Murtell, Alex Stoikos
  • On That Toy-Being of Generative Art Toys

    Sungyong Ahn
  • American Girl Dolls as Professionals What Do They Teach about Professions and Professionalism?

    Natalia Rybas
  • Why Monopoly Monopolises Popular Culture Board Games

    Lisa J. Hackett, Jo Coghlan