Vol. 21 No. 1 (2018): trans-seriality

Edited by Anne Kustritz
Published: 2018-03-14
Cover imageImage by Matthias Härtig. Performer: Simone Model. Rehearsals for the European Tele-Plateaus project, TMA Hellerau. zoomView cover


  • Transmedia Serial Narration: Crossroads of Media, Story, and Time

    Anne Kustritz


  • From One Medium to the Next: How Comic Books Create Richer Storylines

    Mélanie Bourdaa


  • Transmedia Theory’s Author Discourse and Its Limitations

    Radha O'Meara, Alex Bevan
  • “Two Birds with One Stone”: Transmedia Serialisation in Twin Peaks

    Dan Hassler-Forest
  • From Seriality to Transmediality: A Socio-Narrative Approach of a Skilful and Literate Audience

    Céline Masoni Lacroix
  • Towards an Ordinary Transmedia Use: A French Speaker’s Transmedia Use of Worlds in Game of Thrones MMORPG and Series

    Olivier Servais, Sarah Sepulchre
  • Transmedia Storyworlds, Literary Theory, Games

    Joyce Goggin
  • You Got Spirit, Kid: Transmedial Life-Writing across Time and Space

    Laura-Jane Maher
  • Serial Nuns: Michelle Williams Gamaker’s The Fruit Is There to Be Eaten as Serial and Trans-Serial

    Catherine M. Lord
  • Non-Fiction Transmedia: Seriality and Forensics in Media Sport

    Markus Stauff


  • Locate, Combine, Contradict, Iterate: Serial Strategies for PostInternet Art

    Robert Lawrence