Vol. 19 No. 4 (2016): transform

Edited by Jane O’Sullivan, Anne Pender and Jeremy Fisher. Copyediting by Rowena McDonald.
Published: 2016-08-31
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  • Transform

    Jeremy Fisher, Jane O'Sullivan, Anne Pender


  • Looking Glass Worlds: The Queen and the Mirror

    Jane Goodall


  • Exploring YouTube as a Transformative Tool in the “The Power of MAKEUP!” Movement

    Ümit Kennedy
  • Post-Socialist Femininity Unleashed/Restrained: Reconfigurations of Gender in Chinese Television Dramas

    Shih-Wen Sue Chen, Sin Wen Lau
  • Consumer Transformation: Cosmetic Surgery as the Expression of Consumer Freedom or as a Marketing Imperative?

    Beverley Hill
  • Porn Sucks: The Transformation of Germaine Greer?

    Jay Daniel Thompson
  • The Curious Transformation of Boy to Computer

    Janice Marion Shaw
  • The Many Transformations of Albert Facey

    Ffion Murphy, Richard Nile
  • Fairy Tale Transformation: The Pied Piper Theme in Australian Fiction

    Sophie Veronique Masson
  • Henry Lives! Learning from Lawson Fandom

    Brigid Louise Magner
  • Queering Hip-Hop, Queering the City: Dope Saint Jude’s Transformative Politics

    Adam Haupt
  • Nature Transformed: English Landscape Gardens and Theatrum Mundi

    Glen McGillivray
  • Diversity Agendas in Australian Stand-Up Comedy

    Mary Luckhurst, Jen Rae