Vol. 23 No. 2 (2020): violence

Edited by Janine Gertz, Emma Maguire, Theresa Petray, and Bryan Smith
Published: 2020-05-13
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  • Violence

    Janine Gertz, Emma Maguire, Theresa Petray, Bryan Smith


  • Violence Reframed: Constructing Subjugated Individuals as Agents, Not Images, through Screen Narratives

    Larissa Sexton-Finck
  • “Holding Living Bodies in Graveyards”: The Violence of Keeping Ethiopian Manuscripts in Western Institutions

    Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes
  • Performa Punch: Subverting the Female Aggressor Trope

    Carolyn Jane McKenzie-Craig
  • You Are Not Alone: Pre-Service Teachers’ Exploration of Ethics and Responsibility in a Compulsory Indigenous Education Subject

    Ailie McDowall
  • Post Memory Violence

    Richard Nile
  • The Two Subalterns: Perceived Status and Violent Punitiveness

    James Milton, Theresa Petray
  • The Last of the Long Takes: Feminism, Sexual Harassment, and the Action of Change

    Allison Ruth Craven