Vol. 21 No. 4 (2018): walking

Edited by Amy Mead and Melanie Pryor
Published: 2018-10-15
Cover imageImage by Saša Rajšić and Vitalis Neufeld from To UnBecome zoomView cover


  • Let Me Walk

    Melanie Pryor, Amy Mead


  • Walking as Memorial Ritual: Pilgrimage to the Past

    Susan Signe Morrison


  • On Walking and Thinking: Two Walks across the Page

    Evija Trofimova, Sophie Nicholls
  • Walking as Practice and Prose as Path Making: How Life Writing and Journey Can Intersect

    Daniel Juckes
  • Forced Excursion: Walking as Disability in Joshua Ferris’s The Unnamed

    Chingshun J. Sheu
  • The Cyborg Flâneur: Reimagining Urban Nature through the Act of Walking

    Chantelle Bayes
  • Going on a Field Trip: Critical Geographical Walking Tours and Tactical Media as Urban Praxis in Sydney, Australia

    Craig Lyons, Alexandra Crosby, H Morgan-Harris
  • Walking into Democratic Citizenship: Anti-Corruption Protests in Romania’s Capital

    Alina Haliliuc
  • Black Wax(ing): On Gil Scott-Heron and the Walking Interlude

    Derrais Carter