McHoul, Alec



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    1. In this paper, I want to begin to contemplate the possibility that the concept of culture could one day be thought outside modern Western thought, via a reading of Martin Heidegger's 'Dialogue on Language between a Japanese and an Inquirer'. As we shall see, for Heidegger, the dominant...Read more
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    There's something of an unspoken tendency in the field of conversation analysis to conflate the notion of 'conversation' with that of 'all forms of talk'.1 Hence the very positive efforts in the field to try to find the mechanisms behind what people do when they talk together, whenever they talk...Read more
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    The original idea for this issue of M/C was for contributors to discuss the many and varying possible meanings of the word "culture" and/or the various uses of the concepts of culture (in general) and cultures (in particular). If that original project had stood, then only the papers in the "Cultural Theory" middle section (Laba, McHoul, Mules) would have...Read more