Bustamante de Monti Souza, Alexandre

Concordia University

Alexandre Bustamante is a second-year Master of Design student at Concordia University with previous degrees in both Architecture and Design Arts. He researches interactive and speculative design for digital media literacy and disinformation awareness. Besides his research, he is a member of the SpokenWeb team, working as a UX (user experience) and visual Designer, promoting a participative, user-centred design approach for their digital projects.


  • Articles
    Introduction Scholars, journalists, conspiracists, and public-facing groups have employed a variety of analogies to discuss the role that misleading content (conspiracy theory, disinformation, malinformation, and misinformation), plays in our everyday lives. Terms like the “disinformation war” (Hwang) or the “Infodemic” (United Nations) attempt to summarise the...Read more