Maddox, Alexia

Deakin University

Alexia Maddox (PhD) is a Research Fellow at Deakin University and Research Associate at Swinburne University and studies the nexus of technology, society and social transformation. As a sociologist of technology, her research into digital frontiers, online communities and research methods provides insights into digital cultures, future-making practices and how the communities surrounding emerging and disruptive technologies seek to develop social solutions to structural inequalities. Most recently, her research has focused on cryptomarkets in the Dark Web and the communities surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.


  • Articles
    Introduction This article situates the dark as a liminal and creative space of experimentation where tensions are generative and people tinker with emerging technologies to create alternative futures. Darkness need not mean chaos and fear of violence – it can mean privacy and protection. We define dark as an experimental space based upon uncertainties rather than...Read more