Johns, Amelia


Amelia Johns is a Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media. Her work spans the fields of digital media and digital citizenship studies, with a focus on young people's negotiation of racism and citizenship in digitally networked publics. Her most recent research project examined Malaysian-Chinese youth digital practices, and the role the digital plays in negotiations of political participation and citizenship. She is the author of Battle for the Flag (2015), and co-editor of Negotiating Digital Citizenship: Control, Contest, Culture (with Anthony McCosker and Son Vivienne, 2016).


  • Editorial
    This issue of M/C Journal rejects the association of darkness with immorality. In digital communication, the possibilities of darkness are greater than simple fears of what is hidden in online networks. Instead, new work in an emerging field of “dark social” studies’ consider “dark” as holding the potential for autonomy away from the digital visibilities that pervade economic,...Read more