Heurich, Angelika

University of New England, Armidale, NSW.

Angelika Heurich is a PhD candidate and casual academic in Sociology, in the School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, at the University of New England, in Armidale, NSW. She is currently researching the reasons prominent Australian women choose to enter politics or, alternatively, use their public profile to bring about social change. She is also passionate about seeking ways in which women can further their gender equality and personal empowerment at all levels in society.



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    According to the ABC television program Four Corners, “Parliament House in Canberra is a hotbed of political intrigue and high tension … . It’s known as the ‘Canberra Bubble’ and it operates in an atmosphere that seems far removed from how modern Australian workplaces are expected to function.” The term “Canberra Bubble” morphed to its current definition from 2001, although...Read more
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    Women in federal politics are under-represented today and always have been. At no time in the history of the federal parliament have women achieved equal representation with men. There have never been an equal number of women in any federal cabinet. Women have never held an equitable number of executive positions of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) or the Liberal Party. Australia has had...Read more