Lambert, Anthony

Macquarie University
Anthony is Senior Lecturer in Critical and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. He is co-editor of the book Diasporas of Australian Cinema and editor of NEO: Journal of Higher Degree Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. His recent work includes a study of non-Aboriginal landscape traditions in Australian Cinema for Metro Magazine and a study of Australian spaces for Space and Culture. From 2011 he his editor-in-chief of Studies in Australasian Cinema.


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    In Australia the “intimacy” of citizenship (Berlant 2), is often used to reinforce subscription to heteronormative romantic and familial structures. Because this framing promotes discourses of moral failure, recent political attention to sexuality and same-sex couples can be filtered through insights into coalitional affiliations. This paper uses contemporary shifts in Australian politics...Read more
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    "Birds of a feather (and colour) will flock (and fly) together." — Old English Proverb, 1545 (approx) While the notion of the 'coalition' is one normally associated with formalised alliances between political parties, coalitional affiliations are not limited to mainstream politics, and instead share a focus on strategy and outcome across the full range of...Read more