Van Luyn, Ariella

I'm a PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in the creative industries faculty. My background is in creative writing and literary studies.


  • Artistic
    Saturday, 24 July 1971, Tower Mill Hotel The man jiggles the brick, gauges its weight. His stout hand, a flash of his watch dial, the sleeve rolled back, muscles on the upper arm bundled...Read more
  • Editorial
    The first thing you do when you begin your PhD is label your Endnote library “the woods.”  Your supervisor has warned you: you must not get lost.  I know you, your supervisor says, you’ll wander around forever, out there amongst the research. You’re too scared to tell them that you’ve already wandered off the beaten track, skirted around the signs that say "beware of the neurosis," and...Read more