Rattray, Chloe T.

Curtin University

Chloe T. Rattray is a PhD student at Curtin University in the School of Media, Creative Arts, and Social Inquiry. Her current research explores the portrayal of disability and queer identity in children's animated television. In 2022, Chloe received a First-Class Honours for her project examining the representation of disability, gender, and intersectionality in contemporary Australian documentary television. Through her work, Chloe aims to highlight the importance of diverse representation in media, ultimately contributing to broader discourse on social equity and inclusion.


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    Introduction The Owl House is an animated television series that aired on the Disney Channel from 2020 to 2023. The series follows Luz, a teenage Dominican-American human who finds a portal to the Demon Realm. She lands on the Boiling Isles, an island archipelago populated with magical creatures. There, Luz befriends a middle-aged witch named Edalyn “Eda”...Read more