Ballico, Christina

Dr Christina Ballico is an independent researcher from Perth, Western Australia. Her research broadly examines the relationship between music and place, including aspects such as creative and cultural capital, business and career development, popular music culture and policy, and creative and cultural clusters. Christina's research has been presented at academic and industry conferences across Australia as well as in Canada, New Zealand and Portugal, and been published in select academic journals. She is a general member of the West Australian Music Council, and the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (Australian New Zealand chapter).


  • Editorial
    Over the past 20 years, interest in the ‘creative city’ concept and the ways in which cities might be re-imagined and place-branded through specific creative and cultural identities and activities has increased exponentially (Andersson et al.; Cooke and Lazzeretti; Evans; Grodach; Landry), with urban policy-makers in particular seeking to find ways to leverage these identities to drive a...Read more
  • Editorial
    The ways in which artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative practitioners perceive, navigate and represent 'place' in their work is complex and multifaceted. Further, place-based conditions also influence the ways in which creative activity occurs in particular locales. This raises questions regarding the role of history, economics, attitudes towards and perceptions of particular...Read more