Reid, Christy

Christy Reid lives in Poplar Bluff, Missouri with her husband and three sons.  She teaches sign language at the local community college and also does free-lance writing.  She graduated from Gallaudet University in 1989 with a B.A. in psychology and attended vocational rehabilitation counseling at Gallaudet, though not completing the program.  Since then, she has worked as a deaf-blind trainer in Baltimore, Maryland and in 2001, as a deaf-Blind specialist in Tupelo, Mississippi.


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    I sat alone on the beach under the shade of a big umbrella. My husband, Bill, and our three children were in the condo taking a break from the Florida sunshine. Dreamily, I gazed at the vast Gulf of Mexico, the brilliant blue sky stretching endlessly above. I was sitting about 50 feet from the surf, but I couldn't actually see the waves hitting the beach; I was almost blind. It was a windy day...Read more