Knopp-Schwyn, Collin

Independent scholar
United States

Collin Knopp-Schwyn is a researcher and metadata worker interested in how bisexuality is conveyed, presented, and understood across media. They have previously published in the Journal of Bisexuality (with Mike) and presented at BECAUSE about the absence of and potential for bi characters in picturebooks. Current projects include a larger exploration of social identity work in bisexual TikToks (with Mike) and an overview of queer characters in 2010s fairytale picturebooks.


  • Articles
    Introduction A 2021 listicle pronouncing “10 Things That Are Bisexual Culture” concludes that “claiming that random things are ‘bi culture’ is the most bi-culture thing of all” (Wilber n.p.). While posed as tongue-in-cheek, the assignment of status as a signifier of bisexuality to seemingly arbitrary actions and items reinforces the notion that bi people seek a...Read more