Starrs, D. Bruno

Queensland University of Technology

D. Bruno Starrs holds masters degrees from Bond University and the University of Melbourne, Australia. His 2009 PhD at the Queensland University of Technology has led to a Research Fellowship at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra and publication of the monograph Dutch Tilt, Aussie Auteur: The Films of Rolf de Heer (VDM-Verlag, Germany, 2009). Creative writing that has sprung deformed and grotesque from his much troubled mind includes several stage-plays and the novel I Woke Up Feeling Thailand (Sid Harta, Hartwell, Vic., 2004). Journal editors have begrudgingly accepted his quasi-academic ramblings on subjects as diverse as Werther, Dracula, Derek Jarman’s The Tempest, Quidditch, television’s Big Brother, Red vs. Blue and Australian film. He edited (with Sean Maher) the 'equal' issue of M/C Journal in May of 2008. Starrs is currently Professor of Film Studies at Technologica de Monterrey, Mexico, where he is learning to duck stray bullets.


  • Editorial
    Parity between the sexes, harmony between the religions, balance between the cultural differences: these principles all hinge upon the idealistic concept of all things in our human society being equal. In this issue of M/C Journal the notion of ‘equal’ is reviewed and discussed in terms of both its discourse and its application in real life. Beyond the concept of equal itself,...Read more
  • Articles
    Despite numerous critics describing him as an auteur (i.e. a film-maker who ‘does’ everything and fulfils every production role [Bordwell and Thompson 37] and/or with a signature “world-view” detectable in his/her work [Caughie 10]), Rolf de Heer appears to have declined primary authorship of DanceRead more