Cao, David

Deakin University

David Cao is a research assistant on the Objects for Everyday Resilience project. He recently graduated from a degree in science with a focus on Human Geography, with an interest in researching social models of health for diverse communities. A highlight of the project for David was rewatching the comedic music remix of the footage of lockdown announcements at the exhibition, helping him reflect and reconcile with the events of the pandemic. He felt that the remix, with its clever editing and light-hearted musical accompaniment, managed to bring humour into the otherwise sombre and challenging period marked by lockdowns and uncertainty.


  • Feature
    Introduction While individuals from marginalised and vulnerable communities have long been confronted with the task of developing coping strategies, COVID-19 lockdowns intensified the conditions under which resilience and wellbeing were/are negotiated, not only for marginalised communities but for people from all walks of life. In particular, the pandemic has...Read more