Kelly, Elaine

Macquarie University
Elaine Kelly is a Junior Research Associate in the Department of Media, Music and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, having completed her PhD in Cultural Studies in 2009. Her work has been published in journals including Contiuum, borderlands and transformations ejournal.


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    Each community’s title deed carries the indelible blood stains of our ancestors. (Watson, "Howard’s End" 2)IntroductionAccording to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term coalition comes from the Latin coalescere or ‘coalesce’, meaning “come or bring together to form one mass or whole”. Coalesce refers to the unity affirmed as...Read more
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    "Birds of a feather (and colour) will flock (and fly) together." — Old English Proverb, 1545 (approx) While the notion of the 'coalition' is one normally associated with formalised alliances between political parties, coalitional affiliations are not limited to mainstream politics, and instead share a focus on strategy and outcome across the full range of...Read more