Prommer, Elizabeth

University of Rostock

Elizabeth Prommer is Professor and Chair for Communication and Media Studies, Director of the Institute for Media Research at the University of Rostock, Germany. Several of her studies document the underrepresentation of women in audio-visual media, in creative teams and onscreen. She conducted fieldwork for Cinema and Gender (2017), Television and Gender (2017) for the German public broadcasters, the Diversity Report 2016 for the German director’s guild and the onscreen study Audiovisual Diversity (2017).


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    Introduction Media and gender are intricately linked in our society. Every day we see representations of women and men on the screen, read about politicians in the press, watch influencers on YouTube or go to the cinema where we meet screen heroes. Our images and notions of gender draw on these media narratives and role models. Children and young people are socialised with...Read more