Russell, Francis

Curtin University

Francis Russell is a lecturer in the faculty of humanities at Curtin University. He researches the philosophy of madness, and neoliberal culture. His most recent research has been published in The Journal of Cultural Research, Somatechnics, Culture, Theory & Critique, and Transformations. Alongside the contemporary artist David Attwood, he is the co-editor of The Art of Laziness: Contemporary Art and Post-Work Politics (Art + Australia 2020). 2022 will see the publication of his book, Screen Therapies: Digital Health, Sanity, and Ideology (Routledge).


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    Depending on your perspective, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artworks are inaugurating an exciting new chapter in the history of art, or a dangerous new chapter in the history of online market bubbles. NFTs index artworks, and are typically strings of characters stored on a blockchain such as Ethereum. NFTs are not exclusively used to index artworks, and have been used to index a range of...Read more