Williams, Graeme Henry

Federation University

Graeme Williams has a Fellowship Diploma in Architecture (RMIT), holds qualifications in Building Surveying (RMIT & Swinburne) and has both a Graduate Diploma and a Master of Business in Property (RMIT).  Graeme is currently a CRHAH Doctoral Candidate at Federation University, where his research involves the debate between the Modernists and Academicians which took place in 1930s and 40s Australia. His Master of Arts by Research thesis (Deakin) was awarded the Graeme Love Memorial Scholarship.


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    At the start of the twentieth century, many young Australian artists travelled abroad to expand their art education and to gain exposure to the modern art movements of Europe. Most of these artists were active members of artist associations such as the Victorian Artists Society or the New South Wales Society of Artists. Male artists from Victoria were generally also members of the...Read more