Melleuish, Greg

University of Wollongong

Greg Melleuish is a Professor in School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at University of Wollongong in New South Wales. He works both a political scientist and as a historian as well as having interests in religious studies. He has published seven single authored books, and published over eighty refereed journal articles and book chapters. He has been awarded three large ARC (Discovery) grants. Greg’s most recent book is Despotic State or Free Individual? Two Traditions of Democracy in Australia, (2014) and a collection he has edited on Liberalism and Conservatism in Australia, which includes essays by two of his postgraduate students, Zachary Gorman and Paul Brown (2015). Greg lectures in both History and Politics, including political theory, Australian politics, Ancient History and World History, and also writes occasionally on contemporary political issues, largely in the Australian and The Conversation. 


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    When I saw the word ‘bubbles’ my immediate thought went to the painting by John Millais of a child blowing bubbles that subsequently became part of the advertising campaign for Pears soap. Bubbles blown by children, as we all once did, last but a few seconds and lead on naturally to the theme of transience and constant change. Nothing lasts forever, even if human beings make attempts to...Read more
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    There is a disparity between expectations that the members of a community will work together for the common good — and the stark reality that human beings form into groups, or parties, to engage in conflict with each other.  This is particularly the case in so-called popular governments that include some wider political involvement by the...Read more