Wolbring, Gregor

Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary

Gregor Wolbring is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Program in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies at the University of Calgary. He is a biochemist, a bioethicist, an ability governance, disability studies, health policy and nanoscale science and technology governance scholar. He is interested in the connection between arts and science and technology and the involvement of the public especially of marginalized populations in the governance of science and technology. He is a founding member and affiliated scholar of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society at Arizona State University, a part-time Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Canada, and an Adjunct Faculty in Critical Disability Studies at York University, Canada. His publications include the biweekly column "The Choice is Yours", the Nano Bio Info Cogno Synbio blog, and the What Sorts of People blog.