Nolan, Huw

University of New England


The myth of the cult has entered a shared understanding within todays zeitgeist and the uniform of the cult stands at the heart as a key sign of the myth. Popular culture plays a key role in shaping this shared understanding.

Huw Nolan is a Pop Culture Researcher. Huw began his career in Animal Welfare Science where he investigated the impact human imagination, beliefs and intuitions have on the welfare of animals and the environment. He has branched out to the rich worlds of non-animal focussed research.


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    Introduction Many people interpret the word ‘cult’ through specific connotations, including, but not limited to, a community of like-minded people on the edge of civilization, often led by a charismatic leader, with beliefs that are ‘other’ to societal ‘norms’. Cults are often perceived as deviant, regularly incorporating elements of crime, especially physical and...Read more