Mummery, Jane

Federation University
Dr Jane Mummery is a Senior Research Fellow at Federation University Australia. She is the author of The Post to Come: An Outline of Post-Metaphysical Ethics (Peter Lang, 2005), of Understanding Feminism(with Peta Bowden, Routledge, 2009), Radicalizing Democracy for the Twenty-first Century (Routledge, 2017), and Activism and Digital Culture in Australia (with Debbie Rodan, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). Her research interests include the ethical and political dimensions of everyday life, and currently revolves around challenging neoliberal and anthropocentric assumptions to reorient value as it is played out in radical democracy, activist action, and human-animal-environmental relations.


  • Editorial
    Australia is still framed as one of the world’s main meat-eating cultures (OECD qtd. in Ting), with a strong normative connection of meat-eating with national identity, as has been illustrated—supposedly in a tongue in cheek way, although this depends on perspective—in Australia Day campaigning by both Meat and Livestock Australia (see fig. 1), and the National Australia Day Council (see...Read more
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    Introduction Negative stereotyping of alternative diets such as veganism and other plant-based diets has been common in Australia, conventionally a meat-eating culture (OECD qtd. in Ting). Indeed, meat consumption in Australia is sanctioned by the ubiquity of advertising linking meat-eating to health, vitality and nation-building, and public challenges to such...Read more
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    The experiences of regional Australia are unique. This issue of M/C Journal solidifies some of the understandings of the experiences of living, working, creating, researching or thinking in, or through, regional Australia. Our work explores regional cultural constructions of these places, spaces, and identities, as well as of the communities that breathe...Read more