Shaw, Janice Marion

University of New England

Janice Shaw is a lecturer at the University of New England, Australia in Crime Fiction, Children’s Literature, and Film and Gender Studies. Her PhD was based on a study of the discontinuous narrative in Australian fiction. She has published studies on crime fiction and film, including “The Poet Dalgliesh and Kate From the Block: The Culture of P.D. James” in Julie Kim ed., Class and Culture in Contemporary Crime Fiction (McFarland), and “The Big Bang Theory: Nerds and Kidults” in Betty Kaklamanidou and Margaret Tally eds. The Millennials on Film and Television: The Politics of Popular Culture. (McFarland). Her publications also include articles on the Australian writers Beverley Farmer and Frank Moorhouse, the discontinuous narrative, and gender politics. 


  • Articles
    Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has achieved success as “the new Rain Man” or “the new definitive, popular account of the autistic condition” (Burks-Abbott 294).  Integral to its favourable reception is the way it conflates the autistic main character, the fifteen-year-old narrator Christopher Boone, with the savant, or individual...Read more