Hunsinger, Jeremy

Jeremy Hunsinger is an Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier Univresity. He received his Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech in 2009. His background is in ethics, political theory, and critical internet studies with an emphasis on questions of globalization, technological governance/policy, ICTS as infrastructure, and the politics of knowledge. His research agenda analyzes the transformations of knowledge in the modes of production in the information age. He recently co-edited a special issue on Learning and Research in Virtual Worlds for Learning, Media, & Technology. He co-edited the International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments and the International Handbook of Internet Research and has edited or contributed to several other volumes.  Currently, he is working on the Routledge Handbook of Social Media, a special issue on cultures in virtual worlds, and an edited volume on virtual worlds.


  • Articles
    The academic world is changing. It is being commoditized. While scholars as disparate as David Noble and Francois Lyotard tie this commoditization to information technology, there is a broader symbolic regime at work, that of consumer culture with its tools of territorialization and identification such as the logo (Noble) (Lyotard)....Read more
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    This paper is about the relationships between infrastructural, interzonal spaces and the communities and individuals that interact with them. It attempts to describe the politics of their aesthetics and their legitimation as two aspects of the same process of semiological warfare and its governance. For example, think about a street-corner, preferably one in a big city. Consider the...Read more