White, Jessica


Jessica White was named a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist for 2008 for her first novel, A Curious Intimacy.  Jessica recently completed her PhD, a fictocritical exploration of writing and loss, at the London Consortium, University of London, a section of which was shortlisted for the ABR 2010 Calibre Prize.  She is now back in Australia working on her second novel, Entitlement.  Her blog may be found at www.ladyredjess.wordpress.com.


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    Jessica craned her head to take in the imposing, stone building, then lowered her gaze to the gold-plated sign at the base of the steps.  “Institute of Methodology”, it read.  Inside the heavy iron doors, a woman sat at a desk, her face devoid of expression. “Subject area?” asked the woman. “Uhmm, feminism ... and fiction, I think.” “Turn right.” “Do you...Read more