Adams, Jillian Elaine

Jillian Adams graduated with honours in Geography and majors in Literature and Journalism and Fine Arts and went off to Paris to pursue a career in hospitality. She is a qualified teacher, a graduate of Cordon Bleu École de Cuisine in Paris, and, until recently, was the Training and Development Manager of Coffee Academy, a joint initiative of Douwe Egberts Australia and William Angliss Institute. She completed a Masters in Oral History and Historical Memory at Monash University in 2011.

Her book Barista: A Guide to Espresso Coffee published by Pearson Australia is used widely in espresso coffee training in Australia and overseas. A Good Brew: H. A. Bennett & Sons and Tea and Coffee Trading in Australia, tells the story of social and cultural change in Australia through the rich stories of people involved in our tea and coffee industries and was published in 2013. She has co-edited a special edition of on-line journal MC, has published papers in numerous academic journals and presented papers at local and international conferences.

In January 2012, Jillian commenced study towards her PhD at Central Queensland University in the School of Education and the Arts. Her PhD uses creative non-fiction, based on oral histories along with research into food writing in post-war Australia, to challenge the static and often nostalgic impressions of the housewife in the 1950s.