Woodward, Kath

Open University
United Kingdom
Kath Woodward is Professor of Sociology and Head of Department at the Open University. Her publications include: Embodied Sporting Practices Regulating and Regulatory Bodies (2009), Social Sciences: The Big Issues (2009); Boxing, Masculinity and Identity: The “I” of the Tiger (2007); Questions of Identity (2004); Understanding Identity (2002) and, with Sophie Woodward, Why Feminism Matters (2009) together with the articles “Hanging Out and Hanging About: Insider and Outsider Research in the Sport of Boxing” (Ethnography, Special Edition, 4/5, 2008), “On and Off the Pitch” (Cultural Studies 21(4–5) (2007): 758–78). She has just completed work on ‘Sport Across Diasporas’ at the BBC World Service as part of the AHRC-funded Diasporas, Migration and Identities Programme and works on gender, race, and diversity at the ESRC-funded Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CReSC).