Ellis, Katie

Curtin University


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    In Australian universities, many courses provide lecture notes as a standard learning resource; however, captions and transcripts of these lectures are not usually provided unless requested by a student through dedicated disability support officers (Worthington). As a result, to date their use has been limited. However, while the requirement for—and benefits of—captioned online lectures for...Read more
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    Introduction The blockbuster DreamWorks film Shrek is a play on the classic fairy tale narrative, where the hero, atop his noble steed, rescues the cursed princess from a dragon-guarded tower. Except the hero is an Ogre, the steed is a talking donkey, the dragon just wants to be loved, and, when they finally break the curse, the princess...Read more
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    Introduction Play activities with toys give children joy while fulfilling their imagination. Toys also perform an educational function by representing social and cultural information. Ellis argues that imagery of disability in children’s toys convey messages about who we want to be included in the future as well...Read more