Leurs, Koen

Utrecht University
Koen Leurs is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at Utrecht University (NL) in the Research Institute of History and Culture. He is a member of “Wired Up,” a research project focusing on digital media use among migrant youth. He examines the gendered and ethnic interfacing of digital technologies, migration, and global/local youth cultures. Also, he is a researcher for the European “Mig@Net” project exploring transnational digital networks, migration, and gender. Among his publications are “Communicative Spaces of their Own. Migrant Girls Performing Selves Using Instant Messaging Software,” in Feminist Review (Fall 2011) and “Migrant Youth Invading Online Spaces: Intersectional Performativity of Self in Socio-technological Networks,” in Where Have All the Cyberfeminists Gone? ed. Radhika Gajalla (forthcoming).


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    What strikes me about the habits of the people who spend so much time on the Net—well, it’s so new that we don't know what will come next—is in fact precisely how niche in character it is. You ask people what nets they are on, and they’re all so specialised! The Argentines on the Argentine Net and so forth. And it’s particularly the Argentines who are not in Argentina. (Anderson,...Read more