Kuang, Lanlan

University of Central Florida Center for Ethnic and Folk Literature and Art Development, Ministry of Culture, PRC
United States

Lanlan Kuang is a U.S. Fulbright Scholar who specialized in the arts and humanities of China. She has a PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington’s Folklore and Ethnomusicology Institute and is currently teaching aesthetics and Asian humanities at the University of Central Florida's Philosophy Department. Kuang has won awards for her ethnographic research and documentary films in China since 1997. She was appointed merit research fellow by China's Ministry of Culture for her contributions on safeguarding folk arts and heritage culture. In 2012, she initiated the China-U.S. Ethnic Cultural Exchange & Joint Research Initiatives, the first and only overseas research base for the Center for Ethnic and Folk Literature and Art Development, Ministry of Culture of China and oversees projects such as the annual Sino-American University Student Digital Microfilm Competition, which now has become an official part of the Shanghai International Film Festival and Miami International Film Festival. In addition to her new book on the expressive arts from along the Silk Road, The Dunhuang Performing Arts in Global Context (Social Science Academy Press, 2016), Kuang is currently working on a book chapter for Music and Consciousness 2 (Oxford University Press).