Barnsdale, Liam

The University of Queensland

Liam Barnsdale is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, having commenced his study there in April 2020. His thesis examines perspectives on and motivations behind school cadet training in Australia and New Zealand during the Second World War, examining the diverse views on cadet training across socio-economic, racial, religious and regional divides between and within the two countries. Prior to this Liam completed his Master of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington, and his MA thesis, ‘“The sort of man”: Politics, Clothing and Characteristics in British Propaganda Depictions of Royal Air Force Aviators, 1939-1945’, examines the depictions of aviators in British Second World War propaganda.


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    Introduction Throughout the early and mid-twentieth century, cadet training was a feature of many secondary schools and educational establishments across Australia, with countless young men between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age undergoing military training, ostensibly in preparation for service in Australia’s armed forces upon their coming of age. Unlike earlier in the century,...Read more