Toutant, Ligia

University of California, Los Angeles
United States
Ligia Toutant is a Ph.D. (ABD) in Social Sciences and Comparative Education at University of California, Los Angeles. A huge fan of opera, she is a regular at the Opera in LA and she is the occasional co-host of a classical music radio show The KCSN Opera House. Latest shows include Christmas Eve aired on 22 Dec. 2004, 21 Dec. 2005, 20 Dec. 2006, 19 Dec. 2007; Luceafârul, Golem, Arald aired on 16 Apr. 2007; Ariane et Barbe-Bleue aired on 2 Jan. 2008; and Don Pasquale aired on 30 Apr. 2008. Her research interests include: studies in comparative and international education, studies in sociology, and studies in human communication.